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Ladies and Gentlemen


We would like to present you a cooperation offer with our company. 


Paley & Partner Sp. z o. o. was found 1991 in Poland. Paley & Partner Sp. z o. o. runs diverse works in the area of installation of easy casing and fronts, installation various steel constructions as: tanks of liquid fuel, constructions installation of steel transmitting pulls, welding repairs of the steel bars and other run bridges; steel constructions production and welding in workshops. Since 1994 Paley & Partner Sp. z o. o. is active in Europe (Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria etc.).





Our area of expertise determines production of diverse devices, machines and installation of steel constructions as well installation of aluminium-glass, glass-steel (noble steel) and Ceraflex fronts in different industrial and public buildings.




Within the confines of our orders we dispose from 40 to 80 skilled workers especially:

installers/fitters and high steel structure fitters
   ( within the confines of the last contract we run our works on the building over 170 m high)



-  welders with various certificates such as E - electric and MAG.

We secure accommodation, transport and insurance for them.


On our building sites we have our technical personnel, who control all works, which are independent carried by our workers in accordance with the projects, that are supplied by our contractors or with the drawings, which are made by our planners.




We run our works not only in Poland but also in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Ireland. Our works are carried in places as: Łódź, Zgierz, Częstochowa, Silesia, Dublin, Ruhr district, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Bavaria especially Munich.


Our competences confirms our cooperation with various german companies:


-              Permasteelisa Central Europe GmbH / Wurzburg

-              Thyssen Umform Technik, Werk Wannheim / Duisburg

-              Thyssen GmbH / Hamburg

-              Wendker Leichtmetall- und Leichtbau GmbH / Herten

-              JPM Ingenieurtechnik GmbH / Henstedt - Ulzburg

-              Wessel Apparate- und Rohrleistungsbau GmbH / Xanten

-              Sommer Fassadensysteme- Stahlbau-

               Sicherheitstechnik GmbH / Dohlau

-              Josef Gartner GmbH / Bavaria


Special challenges for our company were contracts 2001 – 2003 for a dubble faront of the office building of the Deutsche Post AG in Bonn, which is the highest building in North Rhein-Westphalia (167 m), 2000 front of ARAG skyscraper, the highest building in Düsseldorf (112 m), 2000/2001 front of Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk scyscraper in Leipzig, which is the highest building in Eastern Germany (142 m), 2006/2007 the built of the futuristic centre BMW Welt in Münich, and currently installation of the front of the Deutsche Bank building (160 m) in Frankfurt/Main.  


2006/2007 Paley & Partner Sp. z o. o. carried out contract with cooperation with the Irish department of the international company Permasteelisa for the installation of windows and glass front on the office building of Allied Irish Bank PLC AIB Bank Centre near centre of Dublin.

It was the first contract carried out by our company in Irland.

Our firm possess all requirements, for example C2 card, that are needed to run a business in Ireland.


Our head office is located in Poraj near Częstochowa and takes the area of about 1,5 hectare, where are palced company buidings.




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